My First Renoise 1.8 Track

Moby - “Go (Down n Dirty Mix”), a work in progress…

There are so many great changes in 1.8, it’s hard to list. I really appreciate the better spectrum analysis, for instance, and the new look and feel is growing on me. I’ve found the most difficult thing to get used to is that the plugins are showing up in a different order. =) I was getting quite good at quickly locating the effects I wanted, and now I find myself slowing down to ponder over the list again. Is it possible to re-order them so my most commonly used effects are at the top of the list?

The most obvious change is the mixer. I have often wished for a mixer view in renoise. Now that it’s there, I find I’m not using it, because I generally put compression on most of the tracks (maybe all?). On my hardware mixer, the compressor and EQ were built into the mixer, and you could run them pre-fader, so adjusting the mixer volume fader adjusted the volume AFTER it was run through the insert effects. Is it possible to route effects pre-fader like that in renoise?

The mixer also makes me wish (pray?) for a decent built-in 4 band fully parametric EQ with overlapping frequency zones. It would be really hand to just grab a knob in the mixer view to set EQ. =) I also grew quite fond of having dynamics built right into my channel strips, but EQ is a MUST.

Thanks. Very helpful info!

whoooh mister, seriously a killer tune so far, lots of energy.

perhaps the kick could be a bit more present, maybe not.

You may want to trim the extraneous bits off of the “Go!” shout sample. The first time the sample plays in your song, it’s pretty obvious there’s extra sounds on the beginning and end of the sound clip. :confused: