My First Renoise-track = C64-remix.


i just switched from Madtracker to Renoise and i must say that this tracker is really awesome. Just after i spent some hours playing around with Renoise i was able to make something might be called “music”. Very intuitive, very Trackish, just great… :drummer: I never want to miss Renoise anymore… ;)

However, this is my first work in progress so far. A remix of one of the good old C64 classics by Rob Hubbard. And yes, im a complete retro-nerd… ;)

Would be nice if you tell me what you think about it or even give me some hints to improve the track… :)

sounds allright
i like the rather wicked trumpet riff :) sounds very programmed though… but then again, i don’t know if you WANT it to sound natural, cus then you would lose the classic demo-sound, wouldn’t you

improvements? hm i dunno. maybe a good ol’ demoscene synth solo could be the center red line in here, taking the track up and down through varying intensity? could be cool :P

Thank you very much, Denim :)

I love all Rob Hubbard’s work, and you’ve made a great remix of it. Really enjoying it. GJ ^_^

Good job with this mix! One of my fave C64 tunes ever too (came 4th in my top 64 C64 tunes of all time).

Improvements? Perhaps the main melody bit sounds up to an octave too high… (except the bass of course). I played the song 20% slower (decreases pitch and slows speed) in Winamp, and in some ways it sounds better.

Thanks guys :)

Maybe i should slow down the tempo? Im not very happy about the lead as well. It tried dozens of instruments but it seems that no one fits here… :wacko:

When composing, I often find that I spend more time choosing the instruments than making music. Or at least it feels that way. In any case, it’s an incredibly important part of the process, and what can be the most boring too unless one gets lucky.