My first Renoise track :)

Before I used Famitracker as my song-machine. Then I discovered Renoise, and now I made a first track with it. Actually I firstly felt better with Famtracker, but since Renoise has much more to offer, I switched over.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

(It is possible to attach stuff to a post? Tell me please :wink: )

Iโ€™m not sure if you want to check the integrity of your xrns roflo. It seems corrupt here (only a partial xrns zip file.) But from what I gather from the ogg file -> nice and quirky sir :slight_smile:

[BTW I think attachments arenโ€™t enabled in the Off Topic, Renoise Song, General Discussion sections of the forum :unsure:]

Very bouncy and cheerful track. As it were a soundtrack for Sega 16 bit game. Itโ€™d be interesting to hear something more of this kind. Keep on working!

Really cool, I like this style and agree with redpanda, itโ€™d be nice to hear more of this kind.