My First Song Posted On This Forum

I haven´t posted anything on this forum before but here goes.
The norwegian hiphop group “gatas parlament” had a remixcompetition over christmas, in which they provided acapellas of some of their songs (you can read about it in english here) So I made my contribution entirely in renoise 1.8rc and you can hear it on myspace, or directly here. The samples are actually largely ripped from sdcsamplepacks and renoise demosongs(modified ofcourse) du to my computer and my unbackupped samplelibrary being stolen a couple of months ago so dont be too hard on me.
Its 4.17 long and is about 5.9mb. Enjoy!

Cool if you could give me some response too!



nice piano… but i would maybe use some harder drums

yeah, result of not so good samples and a pretty strict time limit.

pretty slick. could use a better mix/master but i liked the 808 stuff a lot ! pretty funky anyhow. vocals could use some more attention to make them sit better in the mix. grz

yeah, its actually the first time ive worked with vocals that way. Ive used them before but then as just another instrument. I focused on getting it easy to hear and making it the mainthing in the mix, at the cost of smooth mixing…

Glad you like it!

Norsk Hip-hop lagd med Renoise? Så kult. Det høres veldig bra ut :)


hehe, kult at du liker det!

If any non-norwegians were wondering about the lyrics, its basically about the conversion rate between different tyopes of people. the chorus goes roughly translated “you need ten leaders to get one activist, ten stars for each rap artist, so f**** the charts, a hundred cops for each protester, you dont hear it so often but deserve it some times”