My First Song With Renoise

It’s actually my second song, but I think this one might be worth showing to you guys. I haven’t purchased Renoise yet and it’s still in evaluation mode. I had to use a third party program (hope that’s not bad :) ) to put it to MP3. I just am still seeing if it’s worth it to me to buy at this point, or whether my composing path lies with other programs.

Anyway, the experience was great, Renoise is a great product, nothing more to be said about that. I’m showing you guys this song to see how you like it and get my bearings on where I am at this point. I’ve only been composing for about a year now, and mostly on Modplug. I am trying out Renoise because I felt as if I was growing out of it, but that remains to be seen.

Enjoy. :) It’s called “Blast.”…inary/Blast.mp3

P.S. Sorry if the volume is a bit screwed up, as I said, third party recorder.

good stuff man! i think you will love renoise… if you are used to trackers already, it saves you the time of learning a new program like cubase or logic… but it has all the modern features you need. i’ve been using it since march and it’s by far the best music writing program i’ve ever used :D

i still haven’t been able to register either, i have a baby & a new house so not a lot of extra money… but i am going to pretty soon! a tip on volume when you record in another program, normalize it to get your levels closer to 0db

welcome to the community!

aye, as sir io said, good stuff.
you should rename the song in “where is my monkey brain” :wub:
hope you grabed your regged renoise copy yet.

welcome to the community says basil

Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. I need as much help as I can get when it comes to mastering and stuff, so thanks for the normalizing tip.

I fixed the snare echo, it’s amazing what mistakes you notice on headphones. :)