My First Songs In Renoise

Hello all Renoisers !!

Just wanted to tell you all that last month i finnished all my leftover recordongs in fl studio, so now i am a fulltime renoiser :D Gotta say that it feels good to just have One program to deal with ! Anyway… I Just wanted to share my first songs with you, since many people has been very kind and helpfull to me at

Down below there is a zipfile containing one XRNS file (so you all can inspect it and laugh at me.) That file is my VERY FIRST “SONG” EVER made in Renoise 2.5 !!! The other is a mp3, wich is my first REAL trancesong made in renoise 2.6b5 and b6…

Tell me what you think, RESPECT/Rolling Thunder

I completely ignored the MP3 (so if I misjudged you, then… well… :wacko: ), if you do an XRNS, I would like, because 2.6 songs are possible to open in 2.5.

I touched up the XRNS you made. I added stuff onto it[sup]1[/sup], and got rid of the delay DSP’s on the master.[sup]2[/sup]

Here it is.

[sup]1[/sup]Don’t make songs too repetitive.

[sup]2[/sup]Remember: Reverb can destroy mixes!

Thanks for the tip ! But why did you ignore the MP3 ?? It was that song I ment for you to listen to… Made in renoise 2.6b5 and beta6… The Nintendostyle song was just something i played around with for about 5 minutes. And sucks hard ! Your mockup made it better though…

I know i should not reapeat melodies and such to much, that´s just my way of learning new stuff + i have always had trouble with to much reverb & Delay, you´re not the first one that told me (it was the same in fl too, hehe) ;) However i will take your advice with me and try too think of it in the future.

Thanx for listening and parden my bad english

Edit: I´ve tryed to make my vst´s to xrni but have not been able to get it to work properly so i appologize to those who want to take a look at my trancesong, will upload this when i learn how to do it… OH YEAH I´M A NEWBIE :w00t: