My First Three Renoise Songs

Hello! I have been using Renoise for a month or so now and these songs are the fruit. They are seamless loops i.e. you’ll wonder WTH if you forget to turn on repeat option in your favourite mp3-player…

“Trollen Kommer” is an orchestra song, and translated means “The trolls are coming”.

“Gone and Back” is some sort of techno.

“Happy Anytime” is some sort of happy hardcore but not very hardcore. Mostly happy ;)

Any comments welcome, and really appreciated.


I like the first one a lot.

You should chek danny elfmann out!
(It could be your father :huh: )

He’s not my father but he sure is good, thanks for the tip!

add a few breakbeats and that happy tune is happy hardcore

very, very nice.

each is true to its style and meticulously programmed. sound is clear balanced. excellent!

p.s. you were right about my mix on my track. too much bottom and punch. that’s what I get for trying to do some quick mastering on headphones!

I have now entered the competition! Thanks!


Synchro, thanks a lot :)