My first track! :D

Hi everybody, I recently bought renoise (yeeee! :lol: ) and this is my first track I “finalized” and rendered to wav.
Please gimme feedbacks and opinions.
And, since I do not have any studio monitor or studio quality headphones, please tell me how is the quality from your speakers! :walkman:

Thank you all :lol:


The mix has been done with a pair of Bose headphones, which might not be studio quality, but I hope they’re a little better than the average.

edit: sorry i didn’t post th elink XD

I can say that your bose headphones for sure offer you clarity.
The snare drums are quite too much to the background though and the bass-track is too much up front. But that is just the technical aspect.
For the emotional aspect:It’s unfortunately not my type of song.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to pay more attention in the future :)

i’d start with working on the bass line. the timing of some bass notes are kind of confusing (esp before the drums enter). stuff doesn’t seem to line up as one would expect. check if everything lines up with the metronome imo.

not bad for a first try :)

Thank you very much! :D