My First Track In Renoise (actually My First Track Over All)

well, intentionally I wanted to make some breakcore. but I realised that it would be wise to stick to such drumpatterns in this case, as it is my first track ever. I played around in live and reason, but it just didn’t work out. then I found renoise :D

you can listen to it on myspace:

(yeah I know the abstract part doesn’t really fit, but what the heck, I wanted to finally finish that one)

thank you for listening in advance :)

Hi Misery, welcome to the boards, listening to your track now.

I like the oldschool sound here, especially with the cool atom-bomb samples. Reminds me of my own old days in 96 - jam in those TV samples! This is good stuff for first time anything :)

Some variation needed in the music a bit to liven it up a bit, just little note changes here and there. Also mix wise, you might like to filter out a lot of bass from the sounds as it currently sounds a bit muddy.