My First Track Made In Renoise


I thought I’d share my track that I made couple of months back, which was my first track made in Renoise. It was a headache coming from FL Studio to this brilliant software, but let me tell you it was all worth the hassle. Renoise feels like home nowadays.

If you don’t care about video, here’s the soundcloud link.

Thanks for your time. :)

Nice tune.

sounds a bit like the 80s. super track!!!

Super synth vibe; keep on tracking!
I love the overly reverberated snares.

80’s keep doing it :D

yeah, everything will come back.

Cheers, Tom!

Mission accomplished. That was my intention. :) Thanks!

If it’s something I keep doing over and over, it’s the overly reverberated snares. At the point where it just gets too much used. Oh well.

Will do, sir!

Awesome music and the video was great.

Thanks a lot, Harry :)

Appreciated all the comments in the thread. Made this weekend all the better.

I really like this Seipa! The video is just perfect too.

Gorgeous stuff! I’m a sucker for huge reverb. Is that the native reverb or something more elaborate?

Stunning track, man! I’m starting to get into the 80s style a bit as well and experimenting. Hopefully I’ll have another track up soon! Just trying to finish an album at the moment, though. :confused:

Cool music, sounds a little like mitch murder’s stuff

Thanks, Avagadro. :)

Many thanks! It’s the native reverb, correct. And if I recall correctly it’s the simple reverb and not the advanced one.

Awesome! Hit me up with that track whenever you’ve got something. :)

Guilty as charged.

Nice song and video.