My First Try At Dancehall

Bounty Killer - Poor People Fed Up (sonus remix)

Here’s a link to a preview of the original compliments of amazon:…5298948-2471913

Howdy everyone!

This track spawned from me messing with an acapella in energyXT as a VSTi within Renoise as per Psyj’s instructions in my “A New Vision” thread. This method really works like a charm. eXT + Renoise is an EXTREMELY powerful DAW setup. I really have to keep on exploring the various options available when these two packages are used together.

Anyway…I found a cool Bounty Killer acapella and decided to try making a dancehall type beat. :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Oh…and the slight distortion of the vocal is there in the original. It’s a vinyl rip, and sadly the vinyl i guess was a bit dirty. Nothing could be done about this. :frowning:

well this sounds like a good solid attempt at something which isnt really appealing to me :P

hope you dont take offence to that, it sounds well done, but I never quite understood the dancehall genre…I certainly cant dance to anything this slow :)

LOL. None taken man. It’s about 90 BPM or so, which I suppose is a standard hiphop and dancehall BPM.

Thank you very much for taking the time to check it out anyway. Cheers!

pretty good, i like it… i would add some fast double speed (180 bpm) breaks here and there…

Cool! Thanks for checking it out.

I might try your suggestion during the chorus section. :smiley:

i made really quickly a little sample of what i had in mind, im sure you can do much better though

of course i dont say you have to like it :) maybe its just me and my tase ;)

Hmm…I tried it, but it results in a totally different vibe. I think I’m going to keep it the way it is for now - nice and simple.

Would you be interested in remixing my remix? I can send you RNS.

hey this is pretty good. the beat is just perfect, slightly relaxed sounding because of the slow tempo. The tempo fits the beat and the vocals, but doesn’t make it dancy if danceable wasn’t such a wierd word, i would’ve use it here.
I think the bassline sounds too clean for this type of music. It misses nastyness or fatness, so that it doesnt support the kick (the whole song) enough. also i think you should program the bassline just as tight as the beat.

sure, why not :)

how big is that rns?

8 MB uncompressed without the vocals. The vocals were arranged with eXT. which streams from disk.

email me at and we’ll go from there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions Kcirr3d. While making the track I tried different basses, including more phat and distorted ones. I ended up with this smoother one … I felt it just fit better.

Thanks though!

Nice! But those guitars really sounded way way to tiny to me. They really disapeared in the mix…

sonus: you ought to check out some releases of The Bug.

the Warrior Queen aktion pack is dope!
that an along with the choon Gun Disease featuring Cutty Ranks.
some rude sound killing dancehall.

splajn: thanks for checking it out! I actually uploaded a slightly edited mix where i raised the level of the guitars a bit. I also noticed the same thing as you. Is it the current version that’s up on my ctg page that you feel has the tiny guitar?

choice: I’ll definitely check that stuff out. Thanks for the heads up! BTW…did you like my track? :stuck_out_tongue:

i confess i havent, i just tried but seems it no workie atm. i saw the thread from the main forum list an was interested in what was going on. i like the 2 step style of ragga dancehall alot. thumo thump chit thumm thummm cit!

maybe I’m too stoned or something, but I have a lot of trouble playing the damn track, countless follow up pages :frowning: do I need to register? ah yes, now I see…

crosses fingers hoping for a amen rinsout :) sounds good, with the mafia guitars… tho thin, defenitely upgradeable with more sound, piano stabs…brass echoing, bird chirping jungle samples …snare rush… think break… amen.

Cool. Thanks for checking it out and for the suggestions.

I don’t really want to busy it up and take away the focus from the vocals though. :wink: