My First Year Spent With Renoise

Ok… Here I go.

I’ve been hanging around here in Renoise forum about a year and as little gift for myself also purchased Renoise. Today I thought it’s about time for you to hear some of my works. I’ll keep it short as my English isn’t good enough to express everything I’d like to say…

These are tracks from very different styles so… Maybe a little bit for everyone.

It’s been a f*cking awesome year!!!

Some tracks are pretty cool. Nice to hear some stuff from fellow Estonian. ^_^

I will probably write something more concrete later, don’t have time to listen to all of the tracks right now. :P

Glad to hear ;)

you’ve got some nice things and sounds going on
but it’s a bit overkill for me to listen to all this at once :)

I like Keep the change

Nice nice! Many taste very Warp-record-ish. My favourite was a_raping_fallosound. Reminds me of my favourite Aphex Twin ablum Melodies From Mars (1995), (unreleased).


which ones do you consider to be best out of this bunch?

Shit I really a lot of these, a lot, great work. :walkman:

I hope I’m this good after a year of tracing

(tracking, not tracing :D)

I’d like to thank all of you for your positive feedback. It’s a great surprise that you like my stuff.

Thanks. All samples I used in this project were created in Renoise by modeling a single noise sample (except that strange vocal).

Haha:D That was fun :D That strange backing-noise is based on a dick-shaped wave :D:smiley:
But this project got stuck (as many other started tracks) because I’m not very good in creating melodies

I kind of like them all… :P Some of them just need a little bit more work than the others.
But I have some bigger plans with ‘kassidkassid’ and ‘ahvid’.
Actually I still doubt that these are the best. Heh :P I’m unable to decide that.