My free sample packs!

So I started making these a few years ago, and thanks to all the love and support I’ve gotten I just kept on going. Today I released sample pack #50, which is such a crazy milestone to me because sample pack #1 was basically just a joke / experiment to see if I could push myself creatively to do something like this.

To celebrate 50 releases, I figured this would be a cool place to share some free samples. They’ll stick to your Bandcamp account forever (if you have one), but you also don’t need to sign up in order to claim these. Happy sampling!


I also want to mention that if anyone makes any cool tracks with these, I’d love to hear them!

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Congratulations on your 50th sample pack! That’s quite a lot of them, well done. They sound good as well. So on towards a hundred! And many thanks for the free share.

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Thanks man i really appreciate this

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Just trying out the Renoise demo and will use your samples - thank you!