My Gf Is Too Funny

I’m gonna be taking econometrics class for a month in the summer (starting in 2 hours) and she was all concerned about my lack of time for us have sex, so she had to make a joke about it:

She wrote to me and then called me to tell me about it, and we had a laugh. :lol:

Silly girl. :P

:lol: Haha…

PS! now i wonder what she have wrote to you about renoising :rolleyes:

What’s sex?

its a sliding scale

It’s something the following don’t get: monks, hermits, nerds and Renoise addicted. And according to some person i should add econometrics to the list.

I think its another term for all those horrible things that come at you in the evening when you want to sleep. those thing that make you afraid. and the best way to avoid this is by staying close to mommy all the time.

@AVB: At least you have a gf. I cannot remember, when I was in a close relationship anymore. Maybe that’s because I am a nerd, geek, renoise-addicted, programming dude with no freetime…

Aren’t we all nerds? But as long as you don’t look like this guy, it’s all good.

We have too much fun. Last night for example, she was doing something and she hit her pinky toe on the coffee table. She made this really funny, low pitched “Haaaaaarg!” noise.

I burst out laughing and said “wtf was that noise?!?” At this point we are both laughing, but I was laughing so hard that I let a fart rip! Geez…

So now she is on the floor snorting and laughing her ass off. And I had to sit on the couch because I stomach as hurting from so much laughter! :lol: Oh man, that lasted about 7 minutes!

This is the type of stupid, silly fun we have, almost every day. She is a blast!

I’m gonna buy this shirt for her. She’ll love it!

you are obviously deeply in love, which is really cool. I am glad for you :D

and can we now please split the off-topic board into off-topic-depressed people and off-topic-happy people ? so the depressed ones dont get the others down and the happy people dont make the others even more depressed.

just kiddin. :lol:

let’s average the happy and depressed people here and we’ll get indiferent renoisers. :P

no its really that I just realised that its basically the entire range of human emotions between yours and loius’ post …