My Graphics Work

Hello ppl :)

I gotta be crazy but I started uploading some of my graphics work on this web site:

I found it fantastic and more than interesting! If you like gfx [like me], or you are willing to share some interesting gfx stuff with community [and get paid for it!]; make 2D or 3D animations, SoundFX, Music or whatever - you can start from GraphicRiver!

I guess I am lucky so I got lots of stuff sold. I guess I will get more money as a gfx designer than musician :) he he

Take a look:

Other than that, I uploaded some music stuff here too, but it will take few days to get approved [if I read instructions all well]:

Fell free to comment or if you have other experiences with similar web sites :)

All best!

You should seriously check out this site for graphics inspiration.

It’s one of my all time favorite find sites as of late, it has everything.

it has keyboard functions too:
tile(v) | top(h) | prev(k) | next(j)

Yeah, haha, fucking hell. If you actually want to get any work done during your day, then DO NOT go to ffffound and start browsing through sci-fi pictures and stuff like that. I lose hours and hours of my life this way. I’m completely helpless against the lure of clicking from image to image to image to image…

@dblue, I find myself with 20+ tabs open any time I ever go there!


Try this site also:
I was just scouring it the other day, beautiful stuff too.
They have a jobs list, and this site is looking good.