My honor has been stripped away by the new forum software

My gf thinks I’m awful for losing sleep over this but did anyone else notice happen to notice that after the forum change that I’m not longer a grand master knows everything about renoise member? I worked very hard posting hundreds of posts over the years and working towards the leviathan guru forum post class and now with the new forum software, if I’m not on the renoise team or the dev, I’m lumped into the new sea of normal members in the new normal member forum class.
Other than that everything else seemed to transfer fine, but my post count prestige class is gone, and so is part of me with it. The status update system is gone too, that was kind of neat.


I lost my:

“Guruh Motha Fakka Knows More About Renoise Than Taktik” :mage:

(Vv added it after I found an unknown easter egg)

Somehow I don`t think taktik will re-instate the title…


I’m not sure, but apart from the “level of each user” as a member of the forum, the worst thing is that private message conversations have been lost. At least, my inbox is only the initial posts, not the conversations. There was a lot of information, some important to me. I suppose they are still restoring user data. I hope so.