My Kinda Musicians:p


Hi sings both lead and backup vocals… amazing. :o

Makes me wonder, why use a 70 ppl strong SWAT team when all you needed to get those Versus freaks home were just these five guys.

Reminds me of this:…_WM_364K_V8.wmv

Man, thats so sad and funny at the same time. I love how the small guy tries to steal the show. :lol:

were those guys some kind of rejected pop idol candidates?
very funny and indeed. :lol: (or maybe not :ph34r: :( )

Quality like that is hard to find these days when most groups sing playback…


This is evil entertainment… :angry:


I’m amazed the Musicians are able to play in tune when that oaf is singing… Or not just beat him up!


Good stuff, that idols video is tear jerker

That’s so weird. Never heard a worse version of Final Countdown before :) Evil stuff.

I like that guitar solo :)

A little tale i had to paste into this topic…

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