My Latest Song

first post :)
hi I’m Danilow from Hungary (any Renoise users from here?)

i have a lot of music(?) in a lot of style, what ive made with Fast Tracker 2 and Renoise,

my latest song (dance)

What style is this exactly, folk-step rofl-core…?

or did i miss something entirely?

hungarian folk-music cover
and the final style is dance I think

first of all let me welcome you to the renoise forums, guess you should have a nice stay here :)

concerning your tune:
well … it’s pretty unconventional when it comes to “dance” music, that’s for sure.
it sound kinda raw (only little to no attention to detail) and a bit tedious on the long run, but i guess that’s just what folk stuff is all about - just not my cup of tea.
it’s not badly executed, so i guess you did quite a good job.
you just seem to have a odd taste in music - but that’s exactly what makes this board so interesting, because we’re open to whatever kind of music you might be into - even FOLK and POLKA :D

ps. concerning hungarian renoisers, i think nagz is from hungary, too. he just had a thread in the song forum a couple of days ago.

thanks keith303
iam very glad of opinions like this

I’d give the strings a bit more punch, they sound way too weak in my ears. The synth was cuuute… :D

LOOOOOOOOL! roma-disco! :D