My Latest Tune

Made in Renoise, i’m ALMOST done with this, but need to polish it a little.

Any comments (positive or negative) and advice will be appreciated!

Last Night

Interesting start, I like it.

Up to halfway mark though, it seems to be looping the same beat too long :(
But after the halfway, things pick up really nicely. :)

Sounds very naughty. (big PLUS :P)

The end could do with some parting comment to do with the shrooms (it’s a bit abrupt at the moment, I find).

hey, thanks alot for the advice!

i’m trying my best to add some more interesting elements to the start. funny how stuff sounds different when commented like that…

trying also to add some shroomy stuff at the end, but not very easy…

again,thanks alot :)

Nice track. Catchy acid line action with an amusing edge to it. As a DJ, I would say the intro is perfect for mixing, but perhaps a few extras in there wouldn’t go amiss :)