My Life Would Suck Without Renoise

i might of done this before… ok i semi-lie i KNOW i’ve done this before… but when seeing the crap other people use, i won’t point finger cough-fruityl00ps-cough it makes me happy to be a renoiser.

so i raise my glass up to all the people who have made it possible, thank you for your hard work, i would personly pay more than 30pound!!

renoise rocks! thank you :drummer: :guitar: :yeah:

It sure does! I’m with you!

apart from the wining about new features and stuff,
let us be glad that Renoise took us where we are now.


If it wasn’t for Renoise, I’d be running Buzz on WINE.

Renoise makes things easy. I don’t mind missing some of the features I liked in Buzz (like modular routing).

Its cringe inducing to see people writing complex rhythmic music using conventional sequencers, what the hell are they thinking? or arnt they… I nearly faint when i open the latest issue of CM and see some guy writing D&B using logic, drag and dropping snare hits and break beats… THANK YOU RENOISE TEAM! :walkman:

woot for renoise! And a double-woot for the awesome linux build! I just can’t tell how much i appreciate the hard work, the developers invested in this linux build. It’s not halfhearted, it’s exactly what a linux build should look like. Pure awesomeness!


My life too.

Thanks devs, again and again and again and again and…


(ps: thanks to you all!)

well, no offense but somehow Topics like these sounds to me like a new religion.

The Holy Renoise Team can offer proofs of Renoise existence to anyone who asks for, but cannot give access to the Sacre Scriptures of Renoise Code.

… and again and again and again and again and … :D

Without Renoise I’d still be working with Madtracker & Cubase 5.1, so praise the lord for Renoise :slight_smile:

Whitout renoise I would still use Modplugtracker :S

And yes it sounds cheesy but the 60 euros. Is really nothing for a program like this!

Thank you renoise team for this program and this community!!! :yeah:

Reminds me somehow of that Batman video.

Yeah, Renoise really rocks. I can’t wait to see how far it will evolve in the future.

I took a Digital Music class last year and we had to use Logic for our final project. It was a nightmare after getting used to writing in trackers.

Also, Thanks Renoise Team. After using Renoise, it’s hard to use anything else. d:]

yeah, gotta say thanks and thanks and thank you to the team folks there workin’ hard, renoise (especially the linux build, for me) is certainly and always a blessing so thanks and thanks and thanks again folks, nothin’ like renoise for us linux people…fuck it i’ll be there on sunday mornin’ singin’ songs of praise and leadin’ worship so thanks a bundle…it surely is a blessing…

Next time you give a Digital Music Class and use Renoise for it. I hardly doubt your teacher has the motivation to keep continueing with Logic.

I might be taking another class like it in the spring. If they try to make me use Logic again, there’s going to be a fight going down.