My Likes And Dont Likes Of Renoise 2

Why the phook must programs be made for people with too short attention spans to concentrate on text or generally learning things?

Just a sidenote that I have been thinking every now and then…

i love the new buttons - i can insert a unique pattern or clone the one i want just by clicking - yay - i never even noticed the ones in 1.9

along with the expandable file browser they are my top additions

Why can’t things change to just more straightforward/easier to grasp stuff while keeping the same functionality?
Besides: It makes a lot of room for more shortcuts which will probably be needed once the sequencer gets ‘pimped’.

Yeah, even a marker or some symbols would be fine, IMO.

I like how some people are too blind to see some people don’t like using software the way THEY do.

Good software has multiple paths to reach a goal that make sense in differing circumstances and contexts.

I think the OMG NO REMOVE THE BUTTONS BECAUSE THEY OFFEND MY ARCANDE AND ESOTERIC PREFERENCES crowd are just big poopoo heads with no grasp of reality. Go use Maya some.

Forgot to take your pills again?

The biggest thing today is that we all can talk to the developers immediatelly. Could also be a bad thing, who knows.
I like to think that the people programming the software tend to know better… ^^
I remember taking newer versions of Protracker for Amiga “as they were”.
If there was stuff I didn’t like, or bugs bugging me to an extent making the program “not usable”… switch to the version usable to me…
(and mind me: the latest Protracker for Amiga is still full of WTF bugs…[any single one of the versions btw. One gets fixed, new ones appear all of a sudden)

In the case of Renoise, you are probably right but it also depends on if you consider yourself opinionated on user interface issues.

Well, think of it from a different angle - assume you have an application that you love so much, but one thing and one thing only annoys the hell out of you. Like, whenever you press ESC it minimizes to tray… so of course, people would say thats a minor thing and “just dont press ESC”… but will it annoy you less?

You know, its like Chinese torture techniques - when a single drop of water falls on your head - you say “hey. thats not so terrible” - but when it does not stop for days, you start to lose your mind…

See my point? :)

Ok, so as I had some inspiration today, I played a little more with Renoise 2 and the buttons in the sequence editor definitely bother me a lot.

I still very much hope they will be voted off the island (i.e. add a checkbox to disabled them in prefs), but if they are here to stay, I would like to suggest a few alternative designs:

The first group is my favorite - since it restores the lost column that was originally taken by the icons and it makes minimal damage to the clean UI of that part.
I like Option B the most, since it will also introduce less awkwardness than option A (when pattern names are longer)
Note that I put the other buttons (add, remove, clone, new) back on top with new icons and arranged them in a way that will also work when the sequence editor is collapsed to the left.

The second group I like much less, but at least it takes the icons out of their floating state, and gives them some anchor to hold on to. Out of this group, I like Option D the most, since it creates a sort of a small, self contained “control panel” for these actions.

Of course, there may be many more variations around these concepts - I hope you guys would consider.

Filter-2 definately has to stay…it’s a great feature…unless you come up with a better addition. however, why not to keep’em all like previously suggested?

I pernsonally like the new pattern buttons. I think it was an excellent idea as well as intuitive. However, I do agree with keeping the GUI consistant. If you are going to use “MORE & LESS” here, use it through out. In addition, I am shocked that no one has complained about these “MORE & LESS” windows NOT being resizable. For someone with not so many plugins - me for instance… this is a real pain in the neck, literally. My current resolution is 1600x1200, and when I get my new monitors that number is going to increase signifigantly. PLEASE PLEASE make these windows resizable!

No no no. Not resizeble please…
Renoise is not a multi-window environment, thank god and taktik for that.
Its a single window, with replaceable panes. I am completely not sure I am in favor of the expandable browsers, but I guess they are a decent compromise. I am totally against making Renoise a windowed environment - you ask for a resize, then it will not be so big of a leap if someone asks to be able to move that window and before you know it, you have a cubase…

I mean resizable vertically only!

i love renoise 2, only thing is the pitch device, I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed That!!! :)

FWIW, I like the new pattern sequencer buttons. They might take more space, but the GUI is less cluttered and more intuitive.

I like the new sequencer buttons placement, they are intuitive and fast to use now.

Only thing I like changed is swapping “+” and “-” positions, as you use + more than - ;)

The 20 pixels black right margin could be removed though, if so you’ll end up with the same screen real estate as in 1.9.
(edit: UPS just realized it’s for the scrollbar - dumdidum)

Its not only a question of real estate anymore. They appear i the middle, between the number and the name of the pattern. When you scroll up and down (I do it with Ctrl Down/Up) they just sit there, interfering with the flow of things. They are fixed, and the items to their left and right, are scrollable.

I would go with option C if I was me. Oh wait I am. :)

If I had to choose I’d go for option C as well, just to make buttons the same all around.

These buttons are now placed at center point of your sequencing action, maybe they seem flying to you but they make sense and especially compared to where they were before. A definite improvement if you ask me… but you’re probably right they are superfluous if you only use shortcuts.