My Little Autohotkeys Project

Before I post this on my blog for everyone, I’d like a few people to try it. It’s PC only. In the .rar there is a pdf with all of the essential info. It started off as just a simple script that allowed alt+whateverkey to enter fx and volpan commands but it eventually grew a little larger. Visually, it is made to be used with this keyboard


but I just wanna see it’s usability/functionality on other QWERTY keyboards. Also I wanna see how reliable the AHK to exe was. Works fine on my system. If you’re uncomfortable with the exe, then I’d be more than happy to share the .ahk file if you’re already running Autohotkeys. The download link is here: Bankermasher Make sure you read the PDF before trying to use it! Thanks!

I’m an ahk user, I’d like the .ahk instead!

methinks this links ahkscript

downloading…gonna try later…

…what is that keyboard ???

…is it expensive ???

…looks like a fun toy…and functional also ! :w00t:

it is a Luxeed U7 it is US$130.