My Longest Track Eva!

This time I’ve got something special for all of you listeners out there…

This tune was started out about 2 years ago, but I forgot about it and it stayed untouched for a long time.

I then lost my sourcefiles anyway…

However, about 4 months ago while testing a VSTi called “Vivaldi” I found a nice musicbox preset in it and it somehow reminded me of the twinkle riff I made up for this tune long time before. I wrote it down again and the project got started again.

The final idea of the song got inspired by It-Alien’s music. Thanks, man!

To the point.

This is a strange mixture of ambient, orchestral and electronica. It’s a slow tune in 3/4 and 6/8 time, actually consisting of several parts that are stuck together with themes repeating from time to time. This is a strongly emotional priodiction, not good for those who easily fall asleep when a track is slower than 160 BPM…

The tune is a first track made for my current project, a musicdisk called “Taleweaver”. I wanted to release the track along with the musicdisk when it’s ready, but I changed my mind. As it’s my first attempt in such kind of music I decided that it’s a good idea to gather some feedback to make the final musicdisk version better.

Huge thanks to VP for hosting this tune

BTW, I know the cover sucks, but well, I’m a musician, not a graphician…

Download it here (OGG 9,9 MB, 12 minutes, 35 seconds)

Loved it! Was playing Keane right before your song and the intrp blended nicely into the playlist. :)

Excellent song DDspeed!
What instruments did you used? (VST’s and stuff)…

A couple of sfz instances (used “General user” soundfont for the piano, “Titanic GM” for the strings, “Super natural REMO drums” for the drums), mda ePiano, Claw, Crystal, and Vivaldi MX.

The pads are samples stolen from FL Studio. ^_^