My Madtracker Compo Entry Remastered

Hey s’up?

Finally, I have acquired the power of greyskull and can export to .wav in madtracker 'cause I’ve won a license! Extremely handy, especially since now I can re-master tracks in other software like wavelab.

First victim is my entry for last years madtracker compo, this track is going to be released on a lowprint compilation from the lomechanik label,…bout 250-500 pieces that are gonna be sold at gigs & send to dj’s/radio/promoters etc in Holland.

Check it here:…0lives%20on.mp3



nice track you got there…Is madtracker better than renoise for this style of music?

no, they’re both good programs all based around the same tracker interface . Renoise has more options I think, but madtracker has rewire support.