My Mouse Is Posessed!

In short: My mouse moves by itself. Online as offline. It looks random at times, but then again when it pauses U2 on my Winamp and turns the volume all the way down I get worried.

Oh, and drop the puns on U2, please. :rolleyes:

It’s actually moving around by itself right now, trying to drag the scrollbar up and down, clicking in various places on my text, trying to minimize the window… I feel like I’m babysitting a naughty puppy!!

Did I mention the mouse goes berserk even when I pull the net-plug?

And, yes, I’ve scanned my PC on who didn’t find anything of value. I’ve removed the batteries on the mouse to see if there were relations…

Any ideas before I go totally nuts?

What happens if you unplug the mouse completely?

This sounds like your PC is infected, i would try some other scanner, maybe installed locally, e.g. Bitdefender Free or a-squared free. Try scanning your PC for open ports, perhaps this is a Trojan or some kind of Remote Software. Disconnect from the internet while scanning, maybe reboot into that special mode with hitting F8 at Windows start. In german this is “abgesicherter modus”, maybe something like “secured mode” in english.

Get Avast antivirus and update it. I can scan for viruses before windows starts this way it did find a virus which no other program did find on m computer.

But only have one virus program installed at a time, because otherwise you might not be able to start your computer (happened to me).

Removed batteries? You have a radio frequency mouse?
Maybe worn out batteries?

maybe your wireless mouse interferes with some other equipment?

i personally dont like those wireless mouses and keyboards… plain wired stuff is more foolproof :)

I also have a wireless mouse and this used to happen to me aswell. I never suspected a virus though since the movement seemed to random and it has not happened since I moved so I figure one of my neighbors had some equipment that interfered with my mouse.

… then again… just now my mouse right clicked by itself… maybe I got used to it =) …there it went again :lol:

Come to think about it, I have noticed some unwanted bahavor when I play Final Fantasy XI and also when in Renoise the up and down arrows often get stuck (have a wireless keyboard aswell)…

enough rambling… back to ffxi :)

Have you tried an exorsist :)

Thanks for the reply, guys! :)

The pc is a my girlfriends place, she installed F-Secure on her own (good girl) and it seems to be working just fine now. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, hehe…

She’ll give you a blowjob?

Already have. :P