My New Album Available Online

Hi friends,

i put my new album “There is only a step” online. I know it’s not funky at all, but i work really hard to make it.

There is only a step

It’s dark ambient, or maybe sountrack’s style.

Everythings done with renoise and reaper.

I hope you’ll enjoy


Because you are my friends, i put online a little EP with 3 tracks unreleased.

Reason of the heart


Really great stuff!
I’m very surprised you got no reponses so far, but perhaps may be because the weekend hasn’t really started yet…
Your EP has a nice oldskool 8-bit-feel touch.
In overall i sense a bit of an 80’s spirit in the music with a decent touch of ambient here and there packed with a good solid electronic coat, a good start to get some fresh inspiration if a musician went out of it…

Though i hope your last track of your album is not a hint for the releasedate of your next album…

This is truly amazing stuff you got there. :panic:

Nice sound! thumbs up :)

Thanks you all for your messages :)

very nice! (=

it fits well with the rainy weather happening here. big and dreamy sound.

Listened to Powerful as a Girl. I like the way it builds and evolves. Good stuff.

Today i change the price to 1€, i hope it’s a better price for you all to get my album in loseless version :D

Big news my website now available

nice work! and also funky ;)

Really enjoyed this. Great job! :D