My New Ep: My Quiet Life

Hope you enjoy! Drop some comments if you’re feeling giving :)

All tracks encoded @ 320

  1. Meet me in the kitchen
  2. Maybe tomorrow
  3. Life through a telescope
  4. This is not on film
  5. An Endless Weekend
  6. Who Knows (Revisited)

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im two tracks in and loving this already, really good melodies/harmonies and percussions.

and here comes the third track, those chords are sweet.

thanks for listening!

“Meet me in the kitchen” genious track. Would be a problem if i put it on youtube? Of course with some link to your site :)

Really enjoyable listen. Thanks! That percussion derived from field recordings is fantastic. :)

Oh yeah, loved reading your piece on ‘What electronic music is to me’ on your blog. I definitely resonate with your sentiments. :D

Not at all, please do. Thank you!

Thanks very much for reading!

Really enjoyable listen, thanks :)

Finally got a chance to listen to this today, and absolutely loved it. Sounds a lot like some of Decomposure’s work - only with cleaner samples. Well done! :walkman:

Quite a compliment. Thank you! :)

When you come up to Philadelphia, may I open for you? I have demo.

yeah! you bet!

hey, many thanks. :walkman:

Is what a reference? I’m not familiar with My So Called Life.

Very nice, chilled EP, enjoyed that, nice one mate :)

hey, thanks for listening!

don’t judge an ep by its cover. and i’m glad i didn’t, because i must say, i hate that cover. however, i really like the music underneath it, and in the end, that’s what matters. great stuff, really chilled but often still intense. ‘maybe tomorrow’ is my favourite. keep up the good work! (and sorry for bashing your cover)

Ha thanks! And no worries. Much better than having
A great cover and bad music. :) glad you listened!