My New Song In 140 Bpm

Please write what you think :rolleyes:

And give me tips to future songs ^_^

Thanks for your listening :lol:

Somebody? :walkman:

Incredibly trancy :blink:! Not at all into the genre but I’ll give it a go:

The intro is pretty good, but the heavily mid-frequency filtered drums feel stupidly cheesy and could come in just a bit later to let the synths do that solo thang for a few seconds. The drums T 0:31 are crunchy and bassy, which is good and gives your song a ridiculous amount of warmth in conjuction with the melody (love the SAW synth!). The mix does get a bit muddled as more elements are added - but that’s also entirely excusable in this genre. Gotta love that acid stuff on every second beat though.

1:17 - synths feel slightly canned, but the drop at 1:43 (!) more than makes up for that, holy wow.
3:14 (!) - you’re dragging it out unnecessarily here. The fadeout starting at 2:43 is great and ought to just stay that way.

My ten thousand cents.

Thank you for your thoughts ^_^ and all your tips was good, thank you B)

80’s pop in a trance jacket…
I only miss the vocals of a good drag-queen.