My new song that I've made with RENOISE Gonna be a HIT

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just made a brand new song with Renoise. My second one if you want to know and I am very proud of it. I love its way how it sounds and how it is arranged. For this song I inspired myself by vapor wave music and specially from a book called “This Side Of Paradise” from the same author of Gatsby.

I am very happy to have the possibilities to share it with you because it’s a little bit experimental. But, enough word now, I will let you listen to it.

Enjoy ~


TL;DR : Special thanks to all the helpers in the beginners questions…

Nice!! I like it! Keep up the good work! :walkman:

Thank you very much ! Me too I like this one a lot and I wasn’t able to wait in order to share it. All right I’m on it !

reminds me of something that’d be on antifur, wosxwould be proud. keep it up, brother, vapour will never die

Yeah ! I think that maybe I should look for a little label right now…

Dunno what genre that is (I’m getting old, have to think in boxes), but it sounds like a nice adventure game soundtrack (would fit into, anyway it is innovative, what I appreciate a lot. Continue creating those atmospheric pieces, always appreciated (I’m more the simple beat type of guy, but I have harsh time constraints, which can be pretty draining for a hobby musician). Perhaps make the next piece a bit longer by switching the drums at some point.

To sum it up. The piece fits perfectly to the picture.

No problem ! I think that I will try to remake this song in order to play it live so I guess it will be longer ! Vaporwave is a genre which has start as a joke and ironically people beguns to appreciate it. you could find a lot of information about it on Reddit. there’s a lot of sub-genres, to you to find which one you appreciate. for me it’s vaportrap, cloud rap, Phonk and Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop and of course the big one Vapor wave.

Thank you very much Rachman !