My New Song

Just for Funk is my new song, placed 4th at Buenzli 2003 demoparty held in Switzerland.

This is one of the “New York Subway Quartet” songs.

NYSQ, aka “Part-time jazz band” is an imaginary quartet of about 40 years old people, who play for fun dreaming of an audience to listen to them.

The song has been made in ReNoise using Kontakt for everything but the saxophone, which is made with Sampletank.

wow, was there a pre-selection at least? In that case I congratulate you IT-Alien :D
(remembering Breakpoint)

Now I have to check out your song :)

no, this time there was no pre-selection, that’s why I’ve got in :D :P

you can see the complete party results here

here there are the tracked competition entries:
mmul dir on

here there are the streaming competition entries:
mp3_ogg dir on

…too bad that the streaming compo was won by a song which was not tracked… <_<

Nice song! I really enjoyed it! (reminded me of Seinfeld in some parts ;) )

thanks evilcookie for your feedback.

I want to share with you all this beautiful review I’ve received on CuteTranceGirls:

“Kontakt is a nice synth but you should probably pick up Kompakt it’s supposed to be 100 times better… that guitar riff wanted to make me vomit… it sounds soooo out of tune… the drums were… ‘decent’ the bass was okay… the sax was probably the best part and it wasnt alll that great… I’m not sure if this is even closeeeeeeeeee to jazz. This might be considered ‘funk’ but its not that funky… cept the bass is all over the place… sax sounds random…I guess this proves that great samples doesnt mean the song will be all that great.”

I’ve sent a message to the guy replying this way:
[i]" some notes about your review on “Just for Funk”

  1. Kontakt is not a synth: it’s a sampler
  2. Kompakt is a reduced version of Kontakt
  3. there is no guitar in my song
  4. the title says it all about the genre, I think

thanks for your attention"[/i]


Can confirm Evilcookie, really nice track you did. This would be a song which could come even through a pre-selection :)

God damn you are insane :lol:
nice track!

“The song I prefer” is still my favourite…

Very cool bass guitar line, btw :rolleyes:

:drummer: see you :drummer: