My One Complain About Renoise: (Not) Quantizing Note Offs.

It sucks, when you have quantize on record mode, the note off value is quantized as well, so it never records how long you hold down a not accurately. Is there any way to fix this?

Quantise only of Note Ons. I like that idea :)


what’s up with that anyway? could have sworn it was able to be turned off and i’m getting an interface so i can actually hook my midi instruments up. would be pretty cool not to have to delete a bunch of OFFs lol

edit: ignore this post; I didn’t read properly before replying

You’re talking about recording at all from MIDI aren’t you? That is still in preferences. What is wanted is an option so that Offs are not Quantised along with Ons, so you don’t have perfectly uniform (or forces length) notes but have the play timings quantised.

Yes, Have an option for note length quantize, on or off that is separate from note on quantize. This is exactly what I am asking for. Also make the note off able to do short notes like a negative value so you can do staccato type stuff.

So you want a note cut applied on note-off moment within the same line.

I’m not sure how. I would like it to behave like cubase handling midi and note offs. Add a line for note offs and yes on the same line for staccato or something, that would be great.

I just remembered, if i add more lines per beat and jack it up to like 64th notes stactto would not be a prb. hrm…


Something I often miss.

A note-cut command sends a note-off on the same line. If you won’t turn on the quantize option, this will be visible in the pattern editor.

Really? but when you quantize after the face will it get rid of the line?

I don’t know, but i currently noticed during testing this that the note-cuts are not recorded.
So that has to be fixed first frankly because this is a primary need. I don’t know why i didn’t noticed this before. I mean i noticed Renoise behaved a bit more sluggish but not that it no longer recorded note cuts.
You will need less processing when this option works because it gives you a better idea your input is recorded as jammed.

I never knew htere was a quantize option… Im stuck in 2.5.1 for now, I bet its a new feature… darn license has to expire whne im broke…

Im so used to manually entering note ons and offs that i dont even really think about it… Though it would definitely be handy for live playing…