My Own Little Site

Been teaching myself html over the last few days to chuck together a little website for my mixes and music etc. Have got the design basically finished now, and a few bits up (although only one track, which has been on here before.)

Let me know what you think of it:

Wow, long live the simple old days… You know I could understand everything on your site? That’s how good it is. Don’t change it.

Cheers. Don’t think I’m going to change anything, just slowly add stuff. Thought some of the text seemed it might be a bit hard to read, did consider while text on more pages, but to be honest I don’t really like white or funny coloured text.

Started it on monday, just about knowing how to do a link and image in html. All been written in good old Notepad, so I’m fairly proud of what I managed :D

I see you could use some tips yourself as well…
First thing:Prevent to have to give this advise in the first place and darken your background images through e.g. Photoshop’s saturation balancing tricks.
With mixed coloured images as background it is usually hard to put dark fonts above it. Saturate the image and put light fonts above it makes it more readable and still people see the image but not overruling.

If you want people to notice your images, put them above or beneath the text.

You even do mixes in the future! :P :D

Not bad for a first site.

Yeah that’s how far ahead of the game I am :)

Cheers vvoois. I might have a little play with some of the images and text when I get a bit of spare time…

Arrested at CzechTek2005.


That show is legendary, you made history!

Yeah I know, pretty mental. I just wish i had done something to deserve it, but I was just watching and caught in the crossfire. I mean, why would I do something to put myself in jepordy surrounded by riot police who don’t speak a word of english and I can’t understand any czech :rolleyes:

The biggest bummer was discovering my bag of records, which had been left near a friends rig, were missing when I caught up with everybody at the stadium carpark.

Still had a wicked week., met some amazing peopel. Think I’ll be heading over for my birthday again this year (assuming it happens. maybe Poltek…) :)