My Pci Bus Chokes!

I changed my AGP card to old PCI card in my computer to achieve more stabile system, but now my PCI bus chokes if I select 96khz operation. The sound is all wubble-wobbled!

Is this really possible?

there is only a limited bandwidth available on the pci bus. management of the available bandwidth is controlled by the pci latency registers on each pci device. in addition to this, there are only 4 interrupt lanes available on a pci bus. achieving better stability by using a pci graphics card is somehow ridiculous if you ask me.

you could try to alter the interrupts by toying with acpi/non acpi mode of your os / trying different slots / enabling & disabling p&p support in bios and poking into the pci registers using wcpredit.

Yes might sound ridiculous, but the point was to change my bit uncompatible vid card out for the time I get a new AGP card.

But it is starting to seem that this system works no better with PCI card.

e:btw can big stress make compter to make miscalculations, or is there always something wrong when the computer does something like that. Computers should not make miscalculations at all, right?

if processors run too hot, i.e. if they’re overclocked too much, they start to miscalculate (usually resulting in frozen systems or weird behaviour). a funny example of this is when you overclock your gpu (3dcard) too much, and play a game, polygons start to fly around etc.

Yeah, I know. But I have not overclocked PC, it runs on “stock” speeds.

And still it has never been very stable. It pisses me off. Maybe a bad mobo.

Can crappy PSU cause instability?