My Released Renoise Songs

I want to show you my songs, that were created/written using Renoise and that were released in Germany by various labels (Manifold Music, ZYX Music, Distel Media GmbH…).

I tought it could be interessting that music created with Renoise has made it to various labels. The playbacks are complete Renoise, only mixing and voice recording is done using Sampltitude.

Sons Of Storm - Sad Girl
released on Freestyle Party Vol. 17 by Manifold Music,
released on Mega Freestyle Box Vol. 3 by Manifold Music

Sons Of Storm - Tears In My Heart
released on Freestyle Vol. 25 by ZYX Music

Freebase - Price Of Love
released on 100% Freestyle Vol. 20 by ZYX Music

Lil’ Missy - Everytime I think of you
released on 100% Freestyle Vol. 4 by Miami Bass Records

Feedback is of course very welcome, altough some of these songs are already quite old now.

ehm…say, “cheeeeese!”

I think vocals on some track are too quiet. And you use much of same samples on every song. And I dont like that cheesy mood I get from those, though thats my opinion ;)
Nice studio you have there. Why dont you just explore the sounds of you synths and make some experiments with them? You would get much richer soundscape that way.

probably not the most original, creative and technically advanced tunes i’ve heard in my life, but trying to suppress my animosity towards this kind of music and comparing this to other “euro-dance” productions, i’d like to say that it’s at least solid stuff not drastically lacking behind the standard, when it comes to this very genre.

subjectively spoken, i gotta say that i really disgust the corny atmosphere, the simple structures, the exaggerated catchyness, the overused cliché samples, the arrangement which merely seem to vary between scheme A & B, and the absence of any profound musical ambitions.
the absolute climax is tagged by the excessive usage of the orchestra-hit sample, which absolutely makes my hair stand skywards whenever it is triggered.

so genre-wise, this is probably good stuff - but personally, i really can’t take any pleasure in this.

i fear i have to share rather negative critique with you as well. although i’m probably more friends with cheesy vibes than most of the other fellas on here, pieces like these were probably the reason why i stopped buying miami bass samplers years ago.

you consequently managed to avoid what i’d call “feeling”. stylewise, the tunes sound cold, boring and simply out-of-date. the fact that you copy-paste your music is especially proven with “price of love”, where you inconspicuously rip “dj bobo - freedom”.

probably the only positive thing i can say about all this is, that you have managed making money by copy-pasting stuff, that has dated out long before you started ripping it.

Ooopss… this is not the kind of feedback someone really WANTS to hear, but it’s the kind of feedback that helps me to grow.

Thank you ev’ryone for beeing honestly. I really take your words by heart and I will try to doing a better job in the future.

wow, you guys are really tearing him a new asshole :( i hadn’t listened to it yet, and so i was like “is it really that bad?”…

so now i am listening…

price of love - yeah it’s cheese and totally unoriginal, but i still like it :)
sad girl - i like this too
tears in my heart - this is awesome
everytime i think of you - ok the claves are pretty cheesy/overdone on this one

i think the first cd of electronic music i ever bought was something from ZXY records back in like 1995 … so it holds a special place in my heart. respect.

i think we owe this guy some credit because his stuff was released commercially … that is a dream of mine, even to get 1 song released commercially even if it is just a 1000 copies test pressing

i don’t think he deserves the asshole ripping that some of you here have given him :angry:

maverick, you have my respect. keep up the good work.

sorry, but for me it’s the other way around.
i regard commercially released music absolutely differently from the stuff available for free.
when something is only available for money, i automatically expect a certain level of quality and am way more critical than i am with free stuff.
of course his tunes aren’t particularly “bad”. it’s obvious he knows quite a lot about musical theory, chord progression and so on.
but is this stuff worth being charged for? i personally don’t think so, because of the aspects i posted in my previous post.

whenever i hear something like this, i can’t help myself of thinking that it was solely written for the money and not for the artistic aspect, which music is about in my opinion.
i admit i’m a bit biased there and some might say this is nothing but a prejudice, but it’s the way i see things.

so honestly, it wasn’t my intention to tear down maverick’s motivation or ego - i simply did what everybody should do: write his honest opinion.
from my personal experience i know that it’s hard to take it sometimes, but afterall, it’s the only criticism that truely helps and let’s you mature and develop.

This turns out to be a funny thread - personally I did not listen to the tracks either but I agree, that it’s good, if people get “commercial” success with other software than Logic or Cubase (or even Nuendo).

Well - and “cheesy” stuff is the music, the masses want to listen to. I release cheesy music quite often combined with the hope, that I might earn enough money to fix my damned car :) Or at least that I can work as a DJ more often (not just that one, simple parade in bremen)…

(And now, I’ll have to download this stuff ;) )

As i totally dislike such genre of music, i’ll not comment it, but it would be interesting to hear some tracks of game music you made.

Hmm. The “Everytime”-Thing sounds good to me, although the mastering of the vocals is not very well. And the singer has to be prosessed a bit with a pitch shifter :)

My tip is: Take the MUSIC, tear down the PRODUCTIONS and give it a whole new twirl. I seriously can’t believe nobody told you how unoriginal and very wrong this sounds… It seems to me, both by looking at your studio and hearing your productions that you know what you are doing, you only lack originality and have waaaaay too much cheesyness! :)

Keep working, you’ll get there. Having released songs says nothing, really. It’s a cruel world out there with harsh critisism and an even crueler audience. You don’t make crap, just misguided stuff.

Pardon my english, it sucks today. :P

Oh, and specifically about your tunes…

In general first: Every single one has a WAY too synthetic ‘sound’, they are RELEASED and should therefore sound less ‘MIDI’ if you know what I mean. Strings are not good on any tracks, try different fx man! They also sound mostly unfinished, I get no ‘wow’-factor.

Sad girl:
This has potential. I enjoy the beat, the percussion needs work though. The hihats need more filling. The Das Boot-orch-hit must GO. Seriously, it worked in 1991, not today. Also, try a less synthetic sound.

Tears in my heart:
Better, the vocals should have more depth, some nice reverb maybe? Struggling with vocals myself. :) Different snare, definetly! Or maybe an extra sample in addition. Piano doesn’t do it for me for some reason… This is the tune that works best in my ear. The lead synth is WAY too cheesy and italodisco.

For the love of God, DON’T play the piano in the same melody as the vocal!!! The snare-build at 0:30 is bad, bad, bad, get rid of that horrible orch-hit you overuse so horribly, re-record the vocals please… Re-write the lyrics too. Or simply scrap the tune, only thing that works here for me is 6 seconds of the intro. Sorry mate, this makes my skin crawl!!

I like the intro-beat is good tho. Then comes the real deal and I’ve heard it way too many times before sounding exactly the same. Originality, originality!! Again, re-write lyrics. “I wanna hold your hand tonight” is old and reeks everytime I think of it.

Tried to be constructive here, you can produce stuff but please, with your setup and the fact that you actually release stuff commercially, try to develop your OWN style!!

Good luck and merry christmas. We still love you. :rolleyes:

Wow, a lot of comments.

First of all. I don’t know if you know german freestyle music, but if you buy an freestyle music sampler (where my tracks appeared) today you will find around 20 tracks of this style. Ev’ry song uses those beats and those orch hits. Probably this is the reason that those sampler doesn’t sell very well at this time - but believe me, the record company doesn’t take anything that is different. If you make something with thos orch hits, beats, and typical (old) synth sounds they take the songs, if you send them something original they don’t take it.

I don’t know why, but probably the wrong people at record companies decide what songs to take and which one to reject.

The piano that plays the melody wasn’t wanted at all. I used it to show the singer which melody to sing. Then I lost my renoise arrangment and had only the mixdown left. So I made the mixdown, with the renoise instrumental mixdown and the vocal voices. I know this isn’t very professional - but hey, i’m not a professional. I’m like many of you a hobby musician who sents his song to record companys. And sometimes they take it - I also think they always recjected my better songs.

I want to show you also something of my music stuff for computer games. It would be nice if you take the time to listen to it and tell me if you think they are better. Please don’t hestinate to tell me everything you dislike about my music - I want to get better but I can only improve my music skillz if you tell me whats wrong with them.

So here are some tracks from my latest game Absolute Blue, a 2D-Retro Shoot’em’Up Game:

Space Fight:…/spacefight.mp3

Planet Surface:…net_surface.mp3

Liberty Force:…berty_force.mp3

The Final Fight:…final_fight.mp3

Glory & Victory (Endcredits)…loryvictory.mp3

And here is a small preview of a track I’m currently working for a chinese/asian puzzle style game:

Oh, and by the way: I wish you all a merry christmas that rocks! :drummer: :guitar:

Oh, and please don’t believe that I make a lot of money with this songs that getting released. They are released on a sampler and it depends on how often they are selling but usually I get between 50 to 150$ for one song in the end.

I don’t do it for money, but It’s really nice to hold a cd in his hands with a song of your own on it. That’s a great feeling and so from time to time I try to produce something for those record company to get this feeling again.

That’s just sad…
You should never adjust your style THAT much to the label, my tip is look for other labels instead… They do you a disservice accepting unfinished music, there should be a much more narrow acceptance when releasing music on print, but who am I to judge. They do whatever they want and you get your stuff out there.

Anyway, onto the space-music. Playing Gradius3 on SNES to get in the mood :P I’m only commenting on how it works in the game, as that’s the purpouse of the music.

Nailed it! :D Made me want to play more, good job!

Planet Surface:
Also good, but the breakdown kinda blew my playrythm. Music like this should be a constant.

Liberty Force
Could work on a military base-thingey?

The Final Fight
Dunno, should be even more powerful and distorted! This sounds like the end credits of a The Rock-esque game on SNES. Also, the chord progression goes from “sad” to “cheerful” which doesn’t quite work for me. It gets more in-game-like towards 1:50 where it would work in a RPG of some kind.

Glory Victory
Good intro the first 10 seconds, then goes cheap. Sorry, hehe… The lead melody has a ending-feeling to it, but the production in general would work EXELLENT in a side-scrolling shooter like Contra 3 on the SNES.

In general, the production is very retro-based and that’s good for the games, but you still need more varied samples/synths, experiment some! :)

Then, onto the temple of Tangram:

Wow, awesome production, exellent melody, sweet beat, well chosen samples (exept the flute that kicks in at 0:44, should be re-recorded live by somebody or played on that sad-sounding chineese violin-thingey if you know what I mean.) This really shows what you can do, keep it up man! No cheese in sight. :walkman:

Thank you for the feedback again. Puuhh… now my ego is up again … hehe :slight_smile:

Yes, I also think so. I currently thinking if I should buy the RA package from East West, but it’s damn expensive, but it should have this kind of instruments.

Anyway, I think I will post more of my work before it finished in the future here. To be honest, although you guys are really hard with me, the feedback is very detailed and useful to me.

Often when I post my music on other forums or show it to friends they just say “I like it” or “I don’t like it” and when I ask why, they can’t specify it. This doesn’t help me much to get better! To be honest, I never excepted to get a so much detailed feedback here.

And, I will try to experiment more in the future. Definitly! To be honest always when I started a production I listend to some songs and choose mostly similar instruments. But the next songs I will try to use unusual sounds and instruments and hope they inspire me to write something more experimental / original. (I often play my synths with unusual / hard / interessting sounds for fun, but seldom use them in productions)

I’ve finally found some time to listen to your songs. Writing while listening.

A bit to trancy for my taste but in the context of a hectically 2D shooter game the music fits very well.

Planet surface:
See before, but i agree with Sagosen, that the breakdown doesn’t fit well for game music.

Liberty surface:
Sounds ok for me, not to bright so this could be well used at a darker part of the game, like cave or similar.

The Final Fight:
My favorite so far. As the name suggests, it would work for an end boss very well. the second part after the silence sounds more ancient than the first part, i would cut the second part away, or replace the flute thingey with the lead synth from the first part.

Glory Victory:
Hmm, after hearing this track, i think this track would work better for an end boss and The Final Fight should be used for the credits. The orchester hits are overused to much for my taste.

Finally the Preview song:
This is definitively the best song from all! Well done so far! This song shows perfectly, what your production skills are, totally different from the rest of your cheesy tracks. :D

In my opinion, this is the direction you should evolve.

Greets, Alex

@Beatslaughter: Thank you for your feedback.