My Renoise Debut

i spent way too much time on this so i hope you like it.
best if listened to as loud as possible
renoise rocks my world!
kid wolfman on that site
kw not on that site (the mp3)
and what is the deal with this crap!?
some decent videos on also
trying to make black holes and stars underground is good right?

Welcome to Renoise.

Your tracks on the MySpace page are pretty cool. This remix is subtle but effective.


I’ve listened to you remix a couple of times and it’s interesting. Somehow I feel it’s inconsistent, as all the energy seems to be used on the verses. The chorus is too ‘musical’, for a lack of a better term, to fit into the rest of the remix, imho of course. There’s some awesome and funny (meant in a good way) effects in the track and a generally like the sounds that you’re moving with. But again, where the chorus is the “top” in the original, it’s the downside in yours as it gets too busy and un-harmonized in some ways to me. Nevertheless, it’s a cool track anyway, I really like your take on it for most parts. :)

good stuff

thanks for listening guys!

conner, i haven’t had a chance to fully explore but somebody sure knows how to put a web site together, looks great.

jonas, all your music is great. up it up rules too. what are you basically using to get such a pristine sound? my home-made shuttle pc is 4-5 years
old and i don’t think i could kill my audiophile2496 if i tried, but i’m sure upgrading those would be first step haha.

junior, i thought the same thing as far as dynamics go until i rocked it loud in the car :) of course i am always trying new things, and the “quiet to loud” song format is definitely something i want to mess with.
harmony is also something i am constantly toying with. i can guaruntee that everything “works” (well, in my head) because i am somewhat obsessed that whole thing. what do you listen to? perhaps i could recommend some artists if you are interested.
anyways, thanks for the feedback:)