My send only passing on certain beats, except when what's being pa

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here. I don’t fully understand, this is the first time I’ve used sends. I made a new send track that I’m trying to send my kick drum to, and I have it set to keep source. Now in the mixer if I look at the send track, I can clearly see that data is only being passed at the tail end of every measure after the 4th beat. But everything gets passed if I solo the kick track.

I don’t have any video capture recording software but strangely enough I DO have video capture streaming software so here’s a twitch vod link.

edit: I think I’m ending up not using the sends after all, I was just trying something, but still curious as to what was happening. Anyways another question here rather than opening a new thread, regarding Glitch 1.3:

I have a small pattern towards the end of my song that fades to silence and then brings it back up, it’s only one measure long. Now I’m starting glitch on a pattern after that and it starts the glitch pattern one measure too late. Is there an elegant way to fix this, or do I just have to imagine it starting there and wrap it around?

Did you accidentally record some automation for it that is changing how it works during playback? It’s odd that it would change like that in certain parts of the pattern.

^You mean glitch? Well it loops through it’s glitchy pattern, whether or not it’s turned on in the song, it stays synced with the song. So because I have a smaller sized pattern it throws it off so that the start of the glitch pattern doesn’t line up with the start of the renoise pattern. Glitch has no idea how long renoise patterns are it just syncs with the tempo and loops.

Er no, I was talking about the send thing.

If i inspect the video, truly only the kick gets sended through. You will see the Kick track, Drum group track and the send track being soloed. So what is exactly the problem?
Renoise has the logic to include the group and send tracks in the soloing if you use a send-device. You solo the audio stream, not in particular just a track! If you want really track specific soloing, temporary (re)move the send device prior to clicking the solo button or simply unsolo the send-track. You can’t unsolo the group, as the group is standing at the end of the serial line preceding the tracks that it contains. Any specific effects on the group you would have to disable temporary if you don’t want to include those effects.

Not sure if you missed it or if I’m misunderstanding you, but I have 2 different sends there, one for just the kick one for all the other drums excluding the kick, and the one that’s confusing me is the one that’s just the kick. Not all the kicks are going through. Only kicks at the very end of a measure are going through. Except when the kick is solo’d, then you can see the db bar jump for every single kick. Un solo’d it’s not passing like 4 of the kicks… maybe I should have shown the pattern too.

Are you using one percussion VST plugin across multiple tracks without routing their outputs to the proper tracks? That would explain that behavior.

Ah ha, that’s it! Thanks. Knew there had to be a reason.