My Sound Is Horribe Today! Help!

since this morning my sound is horrible on renoise!! like lofi without high frequencies :(:frowning: :(
On other softwares the sound is cool (winamp soundforge etc…)
i checked samplerate (44000 / 16 bits), the driver is ok, the asio is ok… it seems to have problem only with renoise :( i really don t understand, it s “easy little card” soundblaster 128 on my home’s pc
i rebooted, i reinstalled my sound driver…
Once exported, the sound is perfect, it seems to come from internal renoise playing

heeeelp :)

i sacrified my presets and in reinstalled renoise!!! still the same :(:frowning: :(:frowning: :(

did it happen after installing the new 1.9 build .7?

Also does this happen with every song you load into Renoise or just a specific one?

i didn t install the 1.9 yet…

and it happends with all my songs… i asked lot of friends and nobody knows from where does the problem comes from!!

A test without Renoise:
Say you’re recording anything with SoundForge. While doing that - if you play something with Winamp now, do you still have the full range up to 44 kHz?
If not, you might have changed your soundcard drivers. It might help to install any given Microsoft drivers instead of the ones of Creative Labs.
This is just a guess because some music programs open the input stream and the output stream at once. I don’t know if Renoise does this, too since we do have many LineIn-features now… Actually only very old soundcards can’t cope with that and the SB128 isn’t that old.

i installed renoise 1.9.0 and now it sounds perfectly!!

i ll send you the config.xml imediatly at support