My Suggestions For Upcoming Renoise Versions

I dont write here oftenly, but the last time i summed up all things i want in renoise and here they are. Some of them may be useless for most of you, i dunno, but imo theyll help much. Here we go, lets discuss.

  1. precount recording. something like “tick, tick, tick, go…”
  2. multiple takes recording (overdub) with some kind of “takes folder” implemented. so i can choose the most well done take or part of it and put it in the final song.
  3. multisamples for layering with individual settings for each layer
  4. also imo dats important - if i do a big rns intrument i want to have an option for automatic sample interpolation OFF button. sometimes it makes me dizzy to press the interpolate button for 30-40 times.
  5. vst fx and vst synth custom folder organizing
  6. more pattern resolution (pattern zoom or how do you call it) to write simplier offbeats and other stuff
  7. more filter types (may be something similiar to Z-plane filters?) or an ability to make custom filters!
  8. deattachable mixer window for 2 screen setup (for easier mixing stuff). and may be a deattachable & resizeable file browser.
  9. mmc transport control (please)
  10. non-realtime pitchshifting and time stretching in sampler editor options (realtime native shifting/stretching will be amazing!)
  11. native sidechain compression
  12. may be some new native dsps? for example: guitar amp, tube saturator or transient enchancer (like BBE maximiser).
  13. groove/loose control for each track
  14. easier vst synth midi controller assigning/mapping
  15. yes, sorry kaneel, teh beatslicer. let me explain why. for me its not about lazyiness. its about time. i have my main work 8 hours per day/6 days a week. so i just have no dat much time for music. i dont want to spend 1 hour chopping samplers and tweaking lfos and so on. i want an instantly chopped sample, so i can start doing my thing immidately. i hope you understand.
  16. audio unit support.
  17. automatic expand of pattern when i`m recording notes live.
  18. the ability to save production ready templates…ehm, may be an ability to save environment (plugs with settings, synths, midi assignings and so on). if i want to start making a hiphop or load up an ambient glitch live environment i just picking up a preset, load it and everything i need is there.
  19. rewire support. as i understand rns devs are working on this issue. not the most important thing i guess, but anyway i love much Maelstrom synth and distortion unit inside Reason, they`re awesome.
  20. piano roll. i think dats not soooo important.
  21. arranger. vertical - yes. but its not a big problem for me,cuz i can export all the patterns to Logic or whatever.
  22. using processing power of multiple computers on a network, providing virtually limitless plug-in processing power. dats mean you can install some plugins to 2nd computer and use them inside renoise on 1st computer. dats very usefull when 1st computer cant handle all plugs running heavy on cpu. not dats important i guess, but useful anyway.
  23. possibility to extract left or right channel in audio editor to a new sample slot.

read carefull and thanks for taking attention on this.

Nice list, mostly relevant stuff.

Regarding transport control over midi : you mean external sync ? I’ve done it on several occasions using hard- and software, so it’s definitely possible

sorry, i mean MMC transport control. fixed.