My Super Duper Show

I was invited to play a show at Underground SF, a club on lower haight in San Francisco over a month ago. This was my first show, and with big artists that actually influenced my work. I traveled 3 hours (one way) to arrive Thursday night for the show. They let me in early; I got to sound check, hung out with the djs for the night, and met enduser (pretty big in breakcore).

Right before they started letting people in, the bar bouncer went around to id everyone. I told him i wasn’t 21. but that i was there only as a performer and that i would leave immediately after my set. I had a flashlight shown on me while he asked the bartender what to do with me. They all agreed that I couldn’t stay and asked me to leave. I informed them that it was legal for entertainment to be underage as long as they were only present for their performance.

here is a quote from Alcoholic Beverage Control: “25663.5. Notwithstanding Section 25663 or any other provision of law, persons 18 to 21 years of age may be employed as musicians, for entertainment purposes only, during business hours on premises which are primarily designed and used for the sale and service of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises” This is California law, and was verified by SFABC.

They weren’t about to negotiate and told me I had to leave.

This was perhaps the biggest letdown of my entire life.

wow, that sucks. I feel sorry for you. However, in the future maybe tell them beforehand that you are still underage so they aren’t surprised and have to make a decision in a stressy situation ? Because most people tend to take the “safe road” when under stress and this meant no show for you.

Hope you get a gig again soon, just make sure you settle such things beforehand.

All the best from me.

oh my gosh… how narrow-minded can people get?
i’m so sorry to read this, mushen. that must’ve been a really painful experience and i think i would’ve gotten really mad at the organizers of the event for not saving my ass for that night in front of that overly picky bouncer.
hope you’ll get your second chance in the near future… and knowing your music, i know it’ll come.

Thanks for the replys guys

I’m definitely a little sad. It’s been hard telling this to the friends of mine expecting the hear how it went.

You’re right looza, clarifying ahead of time would have been best. I just didn’t feel inclined to inform them as I was aware of its legality.

Thanks so much for the encouragement keith303. I’m still going to be making music :)

I’d rather not spend any more time or effort dealing with this venue bantai, but it makes me feel good to hear a claim suggested :D

bummer thats sucks

well if you ever play around NJ, NY, or PA ill be there to see your show