My Updated Personal Site Is Live

The new version of the site is finally online, featuring an improved design, Renoise tutorial videos and all of the non-music related content imported from Earthen Records. The biggest change, however, is in the Photography section, now featuring two versions of every slideshow and much higher resolution images, which are also served to the user’s exact screen size when in Full Screen mode.

Looks nice :)

The snowy ice crystals photo is intriguing… I think Scotland must be a joy to tourist around in, rent a car and drive around watching the scenery, old castles, stop over at cozy pubs and drink some whiskey and tactical nuclear penguins! and end the trip watching the old firm game. Yeah!

that is a very sexy site you have there!

That “city lights” theme is pretty good!
Nice site!

I’ve started adding binaural soundtracks to the photo galleries, with five done so far and normal soundtracks for the TF2 and Halo stuff. After a completely worthless summer, it’s finally sunny again, so I went out and got some Loch themed photos last week, with the set already uploaded on the site. As a taste, here’s a friendly young chap I met while out and about:

Sounds great on my new Sennheisers :walkman: but I think you have many flies up there. The most interesting, was the one where you walked inside the wooden house, and peed a little :D ;)

I must say I envy the tranquility you’ve got there, makes me wanna get out of the big city.

Bunch of new panorama pics added along with another binaural soundtrack. Here’s a taste:

I so wanna go to schotland after seeing your pictures

18 brand new photos featuring animals from the Highland Wildlife Park.

EDIT - Forgot, I also made 2 videos the same day:

A new set of photos with a binaural soundtrack has been added to the Photography section. It was sunny for the first time this summer, so I took a short trip out to Loch Vaa, just behind the local cemetery a few miles outside of the village.

I’ll be sorting out the Renoise section soon, to make room for the new Renoise & After Effects video series.

nice photos and videos Achenar. i really like the Red Panda.
been to China 2 years ago and they are big fans of the Giant Panda. these animals are completely useless. they can’t do anything themselves, not raising their young, not gathering their food, not even having sex. i got a series of photos of a young Giant Panda (these move a bit more than the adult ones) slipping off some wooden structure with just a single toe of his hind leg, and who then proceeded to tumble down in ultimate slow-motion, too lazy to pull himself up.

my point is, the Chinese call the Red Panda the ‘Lesser Panda’. i found this unbelievable, as Red Pandas are just… well… alive! they actually do stuff, they move, they play, they eat, and so forth. the Giant Panda should be called the ‘Lesser Panda’.

your site is lovely but i really have to congratulate you on your tutorials! they are very good and easy to understand for beginners. especially with Renoise this is a difficult task to handle.

funny enough i hadn’t noticed the tutorials. watched the beginners tutorial and lo and behold, it taught me something new! i had no idea you could solo with a right-click on the ‘play’ button in the pattern editor! thanks for that!
that said, really, really good tutorial. i was watching it, thinking ‘you should explain this and that’, and you always did. great stuff.

After another trip to the Highland Wildlife Park, 9 new photos have been added to the previous slideshow.

Great pictures! :)
Btw. nice picture viewer.

Site looks really good.

Added 20 new pics in the slideshow “Ruins & Falls”, accompanied by a binaural soundtrack.

great pictures! do you upload your stuff to as wallpapers? some of these would look really good on a desktop.

No, I haven’t posted them anywhere else, but I’ll take a look at that website. Cheers!

12 new pics in the “Light & Dark” slideshow, with binaural soundtrack.

This year for Hogmanay I went round the back to catch the guys setting them off. Got some nice burst mode shots and probably the best binaural soundtrack I’ve yet recorded to go with the 2009/10 stuff: