My Website

Hi guys & girls. I finally finished working with my website and it’s online now. It contains nearly all of the music i’ve made between 2003-2008, including projects Twighill, Sadface and Tearrain. Feel free to surf in and download the tracks.

Maekae Music

Hope you don’t mind this shameless selfpromo ;)

Wow, that’s great! I recently found your track “Night Traffic” on the Reselektor and also found two more on I absolutely love all of them and wished to listen to more of your stuff but couldn’t find any. Now you make a post about your website with lots of more tracks. :)

Unfortunately when I try to download any of your tracks from your site, the download host wants me to log in… is that intended? Do I have to create an account to download your music (would prefer not to)?


Mhm you’re right, it shouldn’t do that. I’m gonna look into it…

Edit: Apparently Heart-Drive won’t allow direct download-links to the files, i sent them email concerning this matter, hope they answer and provide a solution. They have webplayer for music and that works for everyone, but downloading requires login to the site :) Guess i’ll have to edit the links…

Thanks for looking into it. I’m looking forward to your tracks. :)

OK i updated the links. Now all of the links will take you to a site (Heart-Drive) where the player is. You can’t download the tracks (unless you register to the site), but you can listen to the tracks no problem.

Sounds nice, from what I hear. But I’d rather download, because I’m on a limited traffic account… are you sure you can’t set your folders’ permissions up so anybody could download without registering? It sais on the site under “Publish” (emphasis mine):

If I need to register, I will, just making sure one more time.

Quote from their forums:

People cannot download media files shared with the world to prevent our service being used for wholesale illegal file sharing.

So i guess i can’t provide download links for my music, instead you’ll just have to stick with the web-player, unless you make your own account :( Too bad i noticed this just now, wouldn’t have wasted time to upload all of my work in there otherwise…

You can post your songs on , they rather have a good quality song than a crippled 64kbit mp3 and there you can offer your songs for download as well (not only that, you can end up in many other folks playlist so you will be promoted better).

Thanks for the tip, i’ll check it out :)

People cannot download media files shared with the world to prevent our service being used for wholesale illegal file sharing.

Wow, that’s really not very nice of them. If I had been checking out their site as a host for my files, and had just read the explanations on their website, I also would have thought I could share them with everyone. Smells a bit like false advertising. Oh well.

But all that is not your fault in any case, Astar, so thanks again for sharing your music. Maybe you’ll find another host eventually. In the meantime I have those three fine tracks of yours I found on, of which Swans is my favourite btw. It’s playing in my head for days. :walkman:

Thank you Sanne :)

Back to the conversation, my site is hosted in and it’s storage capacity is 5gbs. At first i thought that i’d just upload the tracks there, only to find out that .mp3 -files are not supported :D I could just pack them to .rars for example, would it be considerable option?

What a nice offer, I would appreciate that. :)

If you must use rar… I would prefer a more open format like zip, gz, 7zip. But rar should be ok also (I hope… I’m on Linux… usually I can open rars though).