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Nice one… Very atmospheric. I’ve downloaded one of your EP’s to my ipod to check out more of your stuff.

fantastic. hope you enjoy/ed the rest :)

This is great. Really excellent job.

Deep track, i hear it floating around :)

i really like the melody and the siiIUUU siiIUUU part around 2:49.

thank you very much :)

Glad you have this feeling :D I’ve been making significantly fewer tunes recently, so each tune seems of greater significance. consequently, by being so close to the tune-at-the-time, I have trouble experiencing the tune with unbiased immediacy, or discovering artifactual sentiment. your ears are painting my grey canvas with color.

thank you. the melodies and progressions seem to be an identifying quality of my tunes, which i’m happy to hear others notice :) structurally, I’ve remained repetitive in this particular style; likely an unconscious move (or lack thereof). once i’ve created a melody that feels pleasant to my ears, and progressions that i desire, yet seem musically appropriate, the rest of my process consists of adding minute, minimal details and changes to keep the song interesting. by keeping the changes minimal, small changes can potentially lead the listener to moments of greater significance in an environment that avoids extremes. shortening this up, thank you very much.

define or recognize your context, limit your options, make the most with what little you have.

this would be my mushen process