Myspace To Block Illegal Files!

Seems like Rupert Murdoch’s gonna get more than he bargained for now myspace have requests to deal with copyright infringing material. Wonder if they’ll catch them all…

I wonder if youtube wil do the same in the future.
If you want you can see all the new movies there.
In a crappy quallity but…

I cannot get certain songs of mine approved to be a part of the myspace player.

All VST based with the exception of individual drum samples and I get an error after it’s approved with some bullocks about it being copyrighted?!?

Anyone else have this type of problem on their myspace music page?

I did have a track taken off the publicly viewable bit for a short while, and that certainly didn’t have any copyrighted material in it, but it re-ppeared after a couple of weeks. Strange though, I was able to see it in my tracks list when editing the profile, it just didn’t appear on the homepage. They’re probably sifting through stuff at random & trying to scare the dodgy users off, but who knows!

I’ll hopefully be putting a new track up there soon, so I guess I’ll find out if any of this affects me.