Naaaaatnnn Demo

Thank you dblue, glitch fx’ed up this nicely! Tried not to overuse it… :)


The vocals are really not that fx’ed, just my deep messed up voice and a litle echo. Gotta write some more insane lyrics first, can’t finish it now cos of a sleeping child next to my room. Gah… Not even my kid!

Anyway, I made it for a ladyfriend. She wet her pants in exitement. :P

haha, very cool.

thanx :P

Funn, sounds like someone is talking in their sleep. Would be a great transition track on an album. A little Devlab like.

That ring-mod is waaay too ‘dblue-glitch’ sounding! Why? Well, we’ve all been using it haven’t we? I really think there needs to be an LFO on it or something.

Nice one S. ;)

Thanx Foo?, I´ll see what I do with this track, if it stays as it is; some kind of intermission or if it´ll become a full blown thingey. Don´t wanna ruin the mood of it with standard sounds and stuff. It´s a nutter, and will stay like that. But the fx is way too random as it is now, will fix indeed. :)

Hm, time to work on an EP… This could be part of it.