Name Of Song Should Be Visible At All Times...

OK, so I was working on a big project tonight, involving ReWiring, and loading a large number of previously made songs from years ago, into Renoise.

I really think there should be a place where the name of the .xrns file is displayed on the interface at all times, so we now the name of the file we are working on.

For musicians who are making one track at a time, this is not so much of an issue, but for technicians like myself, who are batch processing stuff, it is essential.

If you can include this, that would be ace.


Don’t see a reason why the file name couldn’t be displayed in the bottom right corner next to the Renoise logo…

That and maybe even clickable to get to the song comment quickly!

  • the possibility to switch between showing the filename only showing the full path

I was just thinking about this one today. It’s an absolute must, if only because otherwise I have no idea of the version/filename I’m working on! There’s lods of space in the title bar, so maybe there or next to the logo like sunjammer said.

+100 HELL YEAH, I was thinking I was stupid, when posted it before…


I thought about this the other day. You can see a tiny bit in the task bar, which at the time was enough. I like the idea of it going next to the renoise logo.

If it’s been edited but not yet saved, could you put an asterix next to it?

clarification: as in, you’ve saved it, edited, but not saved. i.e. it’s “dirty” and needs saving. Lots of text editors and shit do this.

Would be nice. There should be also an info about original bpm of renoise song and maybe “stay on top” option.

If you’re running on PC, it shows the filename on the taskbar renoise tab.

not in fullscreen I guess…

Don’t know about the whole path and original BPM since there is always a shortage on screen space.

Yes, but when i load renoise inside reaper in slave mode, the original bpm is override by reaper`s setup updating bpm valuebox in renoise.

I really think this needs to happen.

In every app. I can think of, in whatever field of computing, the name of the file is visible on the interface. It is an absolute must!

…and that is a great idea! Definitely need this!

+1 :)