Name That Tune

Hi just wondering if anyone knows the tune that comes in around 5:10
of this vid.


Right the first person to name this tune will : A if your registered i will right a peom about you (it’ll be a nice peom) B: if your unregisted
I’ll buy you a licence …

Chances are it was a soundtrack created for the show itself. If I were you I’d contact the production company and ask.

That video was fucked.

No peom for you BYTE ;) ,

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mocked up for the show it’s self . We’re talking about a BBC documentry not a docu drama .
All of the other tracks in it are from known artists just whatch the next part after this one .

Dunno why you thought it was fucked , I thought it was some really beautiful anaylis …

I just can’t understand hatred of any kind… it sickens me

yeah i agree , but there’s a lot of beauty there as well

When you watch the bit with her father you see it’s just an ongoing thing , the mothers not really to blame
because she was brought up with that ideolgy and has imposed it on her kids . But the best bit is when louis questions
what she’d do if they had black boyfriend’s and brings out how little she’s thought about the impact of dis-owning them .

The guitar was kinda making me think Gogol Bordello and somebody else said God Speed You Black Emperor but I’m not convinced with either…

I’m well aware of all that. I argue with assholes like this online all the time. I just don’t understand why people feel the core need to stick on to these fucked up ideologies. It’s one thing to have it passed on… to be indoctrinated with it… it’s another thing entirely not to question it.

That said, we live in a culture where it’s considered insolent to question what you’ve been told… so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

Exactly the same can be said about religion. Hopefully one day everybody will see the (lack of) light.

I’ve never heard Gogol Bordello but I’m a 100% it’s not God Speed .

Well yeah ,

But I think it’s more than being insolent , if your brought up with views that defie the norm in such a massive way and then define your life around them . I imagine it’s extreamly difficult to change .

that was a good doc… i’m happy i haven’t met any people like em… don’t really want to got to america no more…