nanoloop 2

So I just snatched me a nintendo ds for cheap , anyone know how to get nanaloop 2 ?

Site says it’s out of stock

…what a waste of TiME! :wacko:

dude please , your childish reactions don’t serve anyone .

nanoloop is for gba and original gameboy…ah yeah forgot about the port on the ds!

look on ebay or email oliver directly, hes pretty responsive

get the korg ds-10, its pretty fun

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nanoloop 1 is for the org. gb, nanoloop 2 is for gba, it works on the old ds too

sometimes sell members gameboy stuff

a flashcard for ds is also nice

Nanoloop 1—>1.7 is for original gameboy ( chiptune ) …I would rather get lsdj for that .

Nanoloop 2 is for game boy advance , ds lite …all algoritms are completely rebuild , fm etc …

Nanoloop mono—> fully analog is for the original gameboy

Yep …also looking for ds 10 catridge …

Just wanna share that next guest on my podcast is…Nullsleep! Out this time next week