Nanoloop for Android IDM Track

I’ve been working with nanoloop for Android since it was in beta, but I’m just beginning to put together material with it that I’m satisfied yet. Here’s one of the first ones:

I’ve been doing a lot of unsequenced folk/gospel inspired music with live acoustic parts lately, so this is a bit of a different thing… kindof a throwback homage to mid-90s anally-sequenced IDM. Influences are pretty obvious.

I may work on it a bit more, so any feedback is welcome.

(whoops forgot how to embed SC widgets…)

Wait, how is this done? Stems are imported into renoise and most of the sequencing is done there?

Sounds really-really good imo :)

I’ve had nanoloop on my android for a while now, but havent really made much use of it.
This one has made me reconsider putting more effort into it.

Good job!

Haha, thanks :) this is straight from the Nanoloop ogg export - no further edits/postprocessing.

Nanoloop looks so simple is very easily underestimated - it’s incredibly deep. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really push the limits of its what it can do (myself included). I tried to do something a bit different than the typical thing of “a few stock sounds + 3 minutes of repeating patterns”, but I’m still scratching the surface myself.


great job. I remember seeing your youtube vid and it made me go buy the app for my phone. I m still trying to wrap my head around it but it’s great to here that someone really dived deep and made something special and timeless. This HAS to be included in the demo section of the nanoloop site.