Native Acid?

is there a basic way to make that acid sound in renoise? What waveforms do I start with? Don’t ask me for an example. Everybody knows acid.

even though nowadays acid techno doesn’t have to be 303-driven, or sound like an emulation of it, i guess you’re relating to that kinda sound.
in order to emulate the tb303 sound with renoise as close as possible natively, you might wanna try the following recipe:

  • grab a sample based on a raw sawtooth or square waveform
  • program a sequence in the pattern sequencer. try using the xGxx (glide/portamento to note) command or pitch slide up/down at places where you’d use the “slide” button with the original roland piece. you also might wanto to operate at two different volume levels insider your sequence (loud/soft) for “accent” emulation.
  • add the distortion device to the device chain, maybe also a multitap delay or whatever suits you right

to me, native acid is about 303 and 606.
Are you talking of the didididididi sound or some detuned arps/keys/pads?

dididid => 303
Detuned arps, keys, pads => mostly everything but FM has been proven quite useful in acid music.

The ‘Glide and Pitch’ tutorial song would be a good place to start for a 303-ish sound and sequence. Then for a bit of automated squelch insert Signal Follower > Filter before the delay on the bass track. Set the signal follower to control the cutoff on the filter (with a fairly high resonance) and automate a sweep of the SF sensitivity slider as the pattern plays through.

If you’re using a mac, prosoniq’s North Pole filter is a free one-stop acid shop including distortion and delay, all you need is a good square or sawtooth sample to drive it!:

I have yet to find a decent equivalent for windows though, maybe someone else can suggest one?

The thing is that he asked for a basic way… really, the only basic way would be to acquire some roland gears.
That just feel a bit dumb to keep on mirroring these beasts with cheap tracker tips from the 90s. Nobody’s around to see your amazing skills when listening to a mp3 :)


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