Native Deadmau5 Chords In 19Kb

BAM!!! :walkman: Deadmau5 sound in a 19kb XRNS. This is an example for advanced keytracking with filters, simulating a 3 voice substractive synth. Keytracking in this example keeps track of the LFO/envelope for each voice and any movement you do on the main controls.

Use the Hydras on the group channel to control/automate everything. And NO, a Meta Mixer wouldn’t do the same job. :huh: Enjoy! :)


very inspirational, thanks!

note to downloaders (if it isn’t obvious): change the .zip extension to .xrns (by renaming the file)

Cheers man, will have a looksie…

Bit_Arts, you’ve been sharing a lot of good things lately. Nice example of triangle wave turned into solid lead with the help of only native DSPs. Thanks for sharing!

Bit_Arts for president !

Thanks for sharing, I haven’t gotten much use out of hydra, it’s cool to how other people use it…